About Us

My love of creating things out of yarn started some time ago at the age of 10 after watching my Nana twist this stuff up into beautiful pieces. Eventually she sat down and endured the task of showing me the tiny ropes! (ha! ya see what I did there? ;)

After a few years of tossing out projects and making and unholy mess of my workspace I left it behind. Years later as an adult going through nursing school I picked it up again to get my mind off those 5" thick books and relax. 

It wasn't long before people started offering to pay me for my fun little stress relieving projects. Thats when I started my seasonal side gig and Fitlittlebeanie was born!

Since getting into the beanie making game back in 2011 then moving on to the Messy Bun beanie, infinity scarves, mama & munchkin beanies etc.. FitlittleBeanie has found a happy medium! Now you have the super thick double walled ear warmer with a TWIST!